Norfield Data Products
Norfield Data Products, Inc. is the leader in providing computer products for the One Call Industry with installations in many One Call Centers covering much of the United States. Since 1976 the staff of Norfield has developed many new and exciting products. Many First time products were implemented by Norfield including:
  • PC x86 (Intel) based One Call system
  • Fax delivery of tickets
  • Use of WORM technology for archiving
  • Batch Remote Ticket Entry
  • and much more!
Experience and innovation have made Norfield Data Products the choice of One Call Professionals, both for in-house and independent contractors, more than any other single vendor.
Cosmic Computers Inc.
At Cosmic Computers we develop software/hardware products and supply services to all members of the One Call Industry. If you are a member of, or receive tickets from, one or more One Call Centers and want to take control of your tickets, then we have a solution for you. Even if your needs are one of a kind, we can provide custom systems and expertise to satisfy them. Volume discounts are also available. From a one person operation to large corporation, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing the best solutions to the One Call Industry.

Call us and find out how we can help you get the most from your tickets.

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